Dennis Zaremba
773 396 4661
Hair / Make up: N/A
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La Grange, IL
Overall Mood/Styling

Overall Mood/Styling (click image for more)

Mood: Melancholy, Careless, Misunderstood (Angsty)

Styling: Vintage, Thrifted, Denim, Worn T's 

i.e. Tops:
•Denim Jacket
•Short/Long Sleeve Button-Down 
•White T-Shirts
•90’s Style Windbreakers
•Any vintage/thrifted style T’s (worn T’s oversized and/or cropped)

•“Boyfriend”/“Mom” Jeans or Jeans cinched above the waist (preferably a blue or black wash)
•Striped pants
•Checkered pants

(Preferably white or black)

•Vintage style sunglasses


Makeup (click image for more) 

"less is more"

Natural, Minimal, Simple 

Hair (click image for more)

Again, less is more. Be prepared to wear hair down as well as up in a loose bun/high ponytail.

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